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Group Travel “Discover the hidden pearl of Armenia”

April 9, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - April 17, 2019 @ 12:00 pm

| EUR1110
c230848c-0a50-46c7-967c-fe04149068ca GROUP TRAVEL APRIL 2019

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Group Travel April 2019 – Groepsreis April 2019

“Armenia, the hidden pearl in the Caucasus” – “Armenië, de verborgen parel in de Caucasus”

Group travel guided by Kristine and Jan – Groepsreis begeleid door Kristine en Jan

(Nederlandstalige versie zie verder)


Following to our package “Discover Armenia” Kristine and I are proud to announce our first group travel in Armenia that will take place in April 2019. As we know a lot of people are interested to travel to Armenia that would like to do it in a group.

There will come more group travels and more dates in the future concerning travels but for the group travel in April Kristine and I will personally guide this group travel.

The dates for the travel in April are from 9 April to 17 April. The main strength from this travel is that you will discover Armenia with locals and you will be able to discover the beauty away from the paved touristic paths.

The main spoken language during the travel will be English but Kristine and I together also speak Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Armenian and Russian. So don’t let language be a barrier. A basic knowledge from English for during this trip is enough.

*special note* *for people travelling from Belgium and Holland, there is a straight flight from Brussels to Yerevan and back for an economic price of 300 Euro for the dates in April mentioned, so don’t wait to long for booking flights* *you can take a flight to Yerevan from different airports in Europe, we personally pick you up at the airport no matter time of arrival* for more info about suggested flights and transport possibilities please contact us

(participants group travel minimum 3 – maximum 12)


Nederlandse versie 

Volgend op onze pakketreis “Discover Armenië” zijn Kristine en mezelf verheugd om onze eerste groepsreis naar Armenië aan jullie voor te stellen. Deze groepsreis zal doorgaan in april 2019. We weten dat vele mensen geïnteresseerd zijn om naar Armenië te komen en dat ook graag met een groep te doen.

Er zullen naar de toekomst meerdere groepsreizen volgen alsook met bijhorende data. De groepsreis in April zullen Kristine en mezelf persoonlijk begeleiden. De data voor de groepsreis in april is van 9 april tot 17 april 

De grote meerwaarde van deze groepsreis is dat je Armenië zal ontdekken samen met locals. Daarnaast zal je de schoonheid van Armenië ontdekken weg van de gebaande toeristische paden.

De voertaal tijdens de reis zal overwegend Engels zijn. Daarnaast spreken Kristine en mezelf samen ook Nederlands, Frans, Duits, Spaans, Armeens en Russisch. Laat taal dus geen barrière zijn. Basiskennis van het Engels volstaat voor deze groepsreis.

*voor mensen die reizen vanuit België of Nederland, er is een rechtstreekse retour vlucht van Brussel naar Yerevan voor een economische prijs van 300 Euro voor de data van deze groepsreis, dus wacht niet te lang om vluchten te boeken* *je kan vanuit verschillende Europese luchthavens naar Yerevan vliegen, we halen je persoonlijk op los van uur van aankomst en vertrek* voor meer info over voorgestelde vluchten of transportmogelijkheden gelieve ons te contacteren

(deelnemers groepsreis – minimum 3 – maximum 12)


Hope to see you in Armenia

A lot of Greets,

Kristine and Jan


Schedule Group Travel (in English) 

We are exploring Yerevan starting from Yerevan. We will stay in comfortable 3stars plus accomodation in the centre of Yerevan. All days we will have our personal transport with personal drivers who will pick us up and who will bring us to the locations and back.


(9-10 April arriving time in Yerevan)

Day 1 – exploring Yerevan – breakfast and lunch included (Wednesday 10 April)

Exploring Yerevan

Lunch together in a nice restaurant in Yerevan and getting to know the group

Walking and exploring Yerevan, visit Historical Museum Yerevan and other places in Yerevan and getting to Know the history of Armenia


Day 2 – Khor Virap and Noravank – breakfast and lunch included (Thursday 11 April)


17425031_1473792375999198_4644380424243042421_n 44756003_2124725924239170_8427869395564363776_n 30530821_1859245010787264_4365696803187929383_n 30124904_1856125987765833_3114086071052280369_n

pictures by AK Gallery


after the visit of Khor Virap on the way to the Noravank temple we will have lunch and wine tasting event

20180527_153422 20180527_155134 20180527_164942


Day 3 – Geghard and Garni – breakfast and lunch included (Friday 12 April)


During this day we will visit of one the oldest remaining Pagan Temples in Armenia. Located in a beautiful gorge in the Armenian mountains, the Garni complex is a must visit. This beautiful temple is gracefully standing on a high plateau overlooking the Azat river Gorge. This complex is UNESCO world heritage and for sure this mystical place with its interesting history will speak to your heart.

47396604_2184880684890360_3839891776999522304_n AK Gallery Garni 42530210_2080226888689074_1579432476021882880_n

pictures by AK Gallery


VB8A0725-1 VB8A0859-1

pictures Garni Gorge – photoshoot Kristine and Jan by Suren Manvelyan

after our visit of the Garni temple we will have lunch together in in a local restaurant and after drive further to the Geghard Monastery


Another must see while visiting Armenia is the complex of the Geghard Monastery. This complex is a true masterpiece of architecture. Located in a beautiful spot in the mountains this complex is totally excavated out of the mountains. For sure this mystical place will make a deep impression on you. Inside the complex there is also a sacred source. According to the legends in this place the lance of Longinus was kept for 5 centuries after being brought there from the holy land. That is also the reason this complex is called “the monastery of the holy lance”.

Geghard pixabay Geghard pixabay 2



Day 4 – Sevan and Idjevan – breakfast and lunch included (Saturday 13 April)

Morning – Visit lake Sevan

45137701_2145869438791485_1156391219706724352_n armenia-3718704_960_720 pixabay 34601678_1918360888209009_7868818499353706496_n

after our visit of Lake Sevan we will have lunch in a restaurant near lake Sevan – we will taste the amazing fish from Lake Sevan overthere

Afternoon –

Visit of waterfalls in region of Idjevan

leaving the paved tourist paths we will visit a magical and hidden place in the forests of Idjevan


20181003_122351 20181003_122740 20181003_123051 20181003_132026 20181003_141624(0)


Day 5 – Echmiadzin and Zvartnots  – Breakfast, lunch and dinner included (Sunday 14 April)

+ evening dinner traditional Armenian BBQ and visit of future Golden Apricot Eco Village


Today we will visit Echmiadzin. Echmiadzin is considered to be the spiritual center of Armenia. In Echmiadzin we will will visit the St. Hripsime church, 618 A.D, one of the oldest standing churches in the world. We will also visit the Holy Echmiadzin – the world’s first Christian Cathedral built in 301-304. After we will take a 5 minutes drive and visit St Gayane Church. A guide will tell you about the history of this place.

(All the mentioned churches are  included in the UNESCO heritage list)

column-1781038_960_720pixabay cathedral-1781024_960_720pixabay cathedral-1781012_960_720pixabay

after our visit of Echmiadzin we will have lunch in a local restaurant and after drive further to the magical Zvartnots Cathedral who is standing in front of the magical mountain of Ararat.


Zvartnots Cathedral meaning ‘celestial angels cathedral’is a 7th-century Armenian cathedral/temple complex built by the order of Catholicos Nerses the Builder from 643-652. Now in ruins, it is located at the edge of the city of Vagharshapat (Etchmiadzin) in Armavir Province of Armenia looking out on the holy mountain of Ararat


picture by AK Gallery


Evening – Traditional Armenian BBQ in future Golden Apricot Eco Village

After our trip to Echmiadzin and Zvartnots we will drive to the grounds where the future Golden Apricot Eco Village will be established

Together we will eat typical Armenian BBQ in the wonderful apricot gardens on the ground of the future Eco Village and we will explore the domain and enjoy the view and atmosphere and the magical view on Ararat overthere

20180603_183259 20180603_183248 20180603_18335520180603_185326


Day 6 – Zorats Karer – Breakfast and lunch included (Monday 15 April)


picture AK Gallery

landscape-3291328__340 pixabay nature-3235251__340 pixabay nature-3291341__340 pixabay

Zorats Karer

also called the Armenian Stonehenge

Zorats Karer also called Karahunj is a prehistorical archaeological site near the town of Sisian in the Syunik Province of Armenia. It is also know as the Armenian Stonehenge. But the interesting thing is that this region is predating the British Stonehenge with thousands of years.

Today we are going to explore this magical place. We are spending the whole day in this mystical region. The magic of this place is that you still can be close and touch the stones

During this day we will dive into the mysteries of this sacred place

Lunch in a local restaurant is included during the daytrip


Day 7 – free day to relax (Tuesday 16 April) – breakfast and dinner included

free day according to own desires with possibility to buy souvenirs or do another trip (we can help with that)

in the evening we will have dinner together in a Restaurant in Yerevan for our last evening with local dance and music


Day 8 – (Wednesday 17 April)

with a heart full of memories ending of this group journey



Price for this journey

1.110 Euro


  • all nights in a shared 2-persons room with 2 single beds in 3 stars plus accommodation in the center of Yerevan
  • breakfast and lunch included for all days except for last day which is a free day
  • all tours mentioned included top comfort transport and personal English speaking guides
  • guidance from Kristine and Jan (we will be guiding all trips together with other local guides)
  • all day breakfast, 6 lunches in restaurants and 2 dinners in restaurants
  • all entrance tickets during the trip
  • wine tasting event
  • traditional Armenian BBQ event
  • event with local dance and music
  • all transport
  • high quality travel insurance for each participant – Europe Assistance
  • free airport transfer
  • main language during travel is English but we (Kristine and myself) speak English-Dutch-French-German-Spanish-Russian-Armenian
  • you will be able to see and explore Armenia as a local
  • and a lot more …


Hope to see you in Armenia




Kristine and Jan


*** you can book this trip by filling in the contact form or by sending mail to info@onderweg.one or jan.moeyaert@live.be

for more questions feel free to contact us


Your Name (required)

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How many persons (required)

Date of group travel you want to subscribe for and additional comments (required)


April 9, 2019 @ 12:00 pm
April 17, 2019 @ 12:00 pm